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Dariella Gonitzke, MS, RD, CDE, FMN, CLT


Owner & Principle Dietitian


Dariella began her training in conventional dietetics which provided a basic background in foods and nutrition, but could not address the myriad of issues in chronic disease or complex symptoms.  Dariella then sought out advanced training in Integrative & Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT) which allows her to delve much deeper into all aspects of a person’s health to uncover underlying factors that may be contributing to overall health problems.  Most days she feels like a nutrition detective!


"Dariella was recommended by a Gastroenterologist at UC Irvine.
I've spend countless hours researching specialized diets (autoimmune, etc.) but everything I found and everything I thought I knew was dwarfed by Dariella's extensive knowledge and amazing way of explaining the most minute details in easy to understand fashion.
She ran a few tests and I found out things that I never knew about myself that explained so much. The details on those exams were astonishing.
In just three months, I've lost weight, but more importantly, I feel better. Imagine living in what feels like a fog. Everything is gray, slightly slower, tiring, can't tell from up, down, left or right....... then walking out into a sunny meadow and feeling like a completely different person.
You might think I'm exaggerating, but if you are feeling sluggish.... you should reach out. Dariella actually goes over your information and your expectations before she takes in as a client, so be assured and take that first step to feeling better. You're welcome in advance. ;)"

R.T. Irvine, CA 

Ana Cristina Jurczyk, MS, RD, CLT, RYT



Ana Cristina began her career in conventional medicine, where she began her extensive experience of working with cardiometabolic diseases. Educating and helping people manage blood sugars, blood pressure, and cholesterol is something she loves doing and has continued to do, but now with an integrative twist! She became intrigued by a holistic approach to medicine because it allowed her to get to the root of medical problems in order to truly promote health and aid in the prevention of future issues. Through her own hormone health journey and a PCOS diagnosis, she herself has experienced the true healing powers of integrative and individualized approaches. Ana has undergone additional training in Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT), food sensitivities, and in PCOS. 


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"I signed my father up for dietician services with Ana from Eat Freely Nutrition after my father had experienced his second stroke over the course of 4 years due to high blood pressure. After his first stroke my father tried to follow all the doctor’s recommendations of lowering salt intake and not eating fatty meat with minimal results. He was making important changes but apparently it wasn’t enough. When his second stroke happened in October 2018, I said enough was enough and signed my father up with Ana. After working together for 3 months my father lost a whopping 30 pounds in those three months! The doctors are starting to talk about getting my dad off of some of his medications (if he continues these lifestyle changes) because his blood pressure has improved drastically. Not only is his lower weight great, blood work improved, but he is happier and more energetic. I see that it has really empowered him mentally in taking charge of his health whereas before he felt like no matter what he did, nothing was working. I am so proud of my dad and eternally grateful to Ana and Eat Freely Nutrition."

C.V. Long Beach, CA 



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