Body Composition Testing

Knowing your body composition means knowing what your body is made of. True health isn't just about knowing how much you weigh. Many people are carrying too much body fat on their bodies even though their weight is normal or their BMI is normal. Others are told they are too heavy even though they carry primarily lean muscle tissue. Body composition testing is the only way to find out real accurate numbers! 

Eat Freely Nutrition has an InBody 570, which is a top of the line, medical-grade machine for measuring body composition. Your detailed report will include: 

  • Body Mass Index
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Body Fat Mass
  • Percent Body Fat
  • Weight
  • Segmental Muscle Analysis allows you to clearly understand your muscle distribution and where you need to focus on muscle development (Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, Left Leg)
  • Segmental Fat Analysis allows you clearly understand fat distribution (Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, Left Leg)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Visceral Fat Level
  • Intracellular and Extracellular Water Levels to determine swelling, inflammation or injury

We spend 10-15 minutes interpreting your results

Purchasing and Scheduling a Test


Click on the button below to purcahse either a single test for $50 or a package of 3 tests for $135. Your tests will never expire. Once purchased, you will recieve a confirmation email with a link to schedule your test. We are available for testing Monday - Saturday. 


All 2020 Nutrition Package clients recieve FREE Inbody tests

How to prepare for the test:


  • Must have access to bare feet, so please no tights or pantyhose.
  • Do not exercise or eat 3  hours prior to your test.
  • Hydrate well the day before.
  • Do not drink fluids 45 minutes prior to your test. 
  • Do not drink caffeine on the day of your test.
  • Do not consume alcohol for 24 hours prior to testing.
  • Do not wear jewelry – all jewelry will have to be removed prior to testing.
  • Do not use the InBody after a shower or sauna session.
  • Empty your bladder just before your test.
  • It is optimal, though not required, that women be measured while not having their periods, as total body water will be higher than normal.


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