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Nutrition Counseling - In Person or Virtual

Together, you and your Eat Freely Dietitian, will strategize how to make smart, mindful choices that are realistic for your body's individual needs. You'll learn how to easily incorporate healthful habits into your daily lifestyle. As a team, you and your dietitian will ensure that goals are practical, sustainable and realistic.


Typcially counseling sessions are done in our office. If your schedule does not permit you to visit us in person, or if you are not located in the Long Beach area, our dietitians can provide counseling via the telephone and/or internet, creating a highly effective "virtual" appointment. Home consults are limited for only home-bound patients or those who too weak to leave home.


Initial Consultation

Before your inital session, your dietitian will review the extensive assessment form that you fill out prior to your session. During the session the dietitian will spend the first 20-30 minutes asking more about your health concerns in order to figure out the root cause of your issues. Questions about your diet, medical and weight history, stress level, sleep patterns, daily work/school schedule, among other things will be asked. Once your dietitian has a good sense of what the issues are affecting your eating patterns, together you will make a meal plan and discuss goals to improve your nutritional status.


Individual (90 minutes): $210         

Couples and Familes (2 hours): $260



The Jump Start: Initial Consult + 3 one hour follow up sessions = $470

The Lifestyle Change: Initial Consult + 6 one hour follow sessions = $800


Please go to Forms to download the New Client Packet and the Initial Session Assessment Form.


Follow Up Sessions

Follow-up sessions are used as a way to "check in" and troubleshoot any obstacles that may be keeping you from reaching your goals. If previous goals were met then we can explore new goals and various ways to keep you on track.


1 hour session: $120

30 minute session: $75



Buy 3 one hour sessions and get one free! $360

Buy 4 half hour sessions and get one free! $300

Personalized Grocery Store Tours

 Walk down the aisles of your favorite grocery store with a dietitian by your side to help you make the most optimal food choices. Tours can be tailored to specific needs such as low sodium, diabetic, gluten free, etc.


Topics during the tour:

  • Menu planning for the week
  • Quick meal and snack ideas
  • Label reading
  • Time saving tips


90 minute tour = $180 

Speaking Engagements

Hire a Registered Dietitian to speak at your next event! We often give presentations to corporations, small businesses, schools, churches, sports teams, and gym and fitness groups.


60 minute presentation: $275

Package of 3 one hour presentations: $750


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