"I have a history of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and was being treated with medications. These medications caused me to be immune compromised, thus, susceptible to infection. I caught a simple infection and ended up extremely sick in the hospital for several weeks. After discharge, my primary care physician recommended Dariella to help me learn how to control my disease with diet and lifestyle changes. Since seeing her, about 1 month ago, I am off all of my RA medications and I feel better than I have in years. The pain is better controlled, my fatigue is much better, I am now back at work and plan to never go back on those toxic meds again. She is a life saver!!"

A.W.- Long Beach, CA 




"I started working with Dariella in February 2016.  It was one of the best things I have done for myself.  I have multiple sclerosis and have been battling it for 6 years before finding Dariella.  She has helped me figure out the gut is the pathway to many of the things ailing in my body and I feel so much better. I have read many articles about diet change and gut healing to help with my disease, but Dariella made it “idiot” proof for me without make me feel like an idiot. She helped me really take a look at what I was putting in my body and how it affected me. From there, we were able to create a plan on how to keep improving my health. Along with dealing with my multiple sclerosis, I have lost weight and built a stronger body with her help.  I do not feel like I have deprived myself of life and now, I make better choices when it comes to eating and drinking. It will forever be a work in progress, but Dariella has helped me realize that health is an attainable goal.  There is no magic pill for health.  It’s what we do every day that makes a difference."  

A.H. - Long Beach, CA



"Working with Dariella changed my life! Before her, I was at a very low point when it came to my relationship with food and my weight! I was depressed after trying many diets and beating myself up about what I could eat/not eat and my body image. Dariella had answers in our first meeting for questions I have been asking for years and could not find answers to. She made a huge difference, I am feeling happier with myself and have now left my bad relationship to food behind! Thank you Dariella!"

T.R. - Orange County, CA



"I traveled abroad and came home with some major digestion issues and it took awhile for the doctors to find a medication to help me. Meanwhile I couldn't eat for two weeks. I went to see Dariella and she helped me eat again! After being so sick I was scared to eat and didn't know what my body could process. Dariella gave me a grocery list, some recipes and lists of which fruits and vegetables to eat and which to avoid. She also gave me supplements to help my body get the nutrients it wasn't getting from food. She gave me confidence to eat again and I feel so much better thanks to her guidance! If you're having digestion issues I would highly recommend seeing Dariella to get your gut healthy and your body happy with food again."

Carri D. - Long Beach, CA 



"I met multiple times with Dariella Gonitzke and Emily Parker for weight lose guidance. As a Cardiac Nurse Specialist I thought I knew all about healthy eating. They were so helpful and certainly know the science behind nutrition and healthy weight loss. They were particularly helpful with the right kinds of foods and Insulin resistance issues.  They are terrific."

Darice H. - Long Beach, CA



"Dariella Gonitzke changed, and quite possibly saved, my life! One 90 minute session with her helped me to change my eating SIMPLY, realistically, painlessly, without hunger, and most of all, without feeling deprived, like I'm "on a diet!"  I told her what my food issues were and why I was overweight. Nothing surprised her. She listened respectfully, and responded with the right mix of knowledge, humor, and grace. She asked me questions like, "Could you eat this or this or this for breakfast?" And the same conversation went on for snacks, lunches, dinners, etc. She helped me figure out food combinations that I could easily put together to make delicious, filling, healthy meals.  If I had questions when not in her office, she was available by text or email. I have had several follow up appointments that I've looked so forward to, not JUST for the nutritional therapy, but also because she is such a caring, realistic, fun person.

I began working with Dariella just last September, 2013 and now it's January 2014. I have not only lost weight in a steady fashion, but my most recent blood test has shown that I'm no longer hovering at Diabetes or High Cholesterol. My doctor is so pleased.   Dariella believes in what she calls the "80/20 Plan." Eat healthfully 80% of the time and save 20% for "fun foods."  

I waited way too long to go to Dariella, even though I knew about her for almost a year before making my appointment. Don't do what I did.   Make your appointment sooner, rather than later.  You will never be sorry."

Ellen H. - Garden Grove, CA

"The Metzger Law Group asked Dariella to consult with the staff to educate us about healthy eating habits when the firm had an in-house “weight loss” contest as a fundraiser for one of the charities the firm supports. During this contest, it became apparent that a number of the employees didn’t have a clear idea about what was or wasn’t healthy eating. So we called Dariella, who did a series of presentations for the staff with power points and hand outs. She really helped everyone understand the basics of what constitutes healthy diets and eating habits. Her presentations were not only clear and informative, but she uses humor and readily accessible examples of how to integrate healthier choices into every day eating habits. In addition, some staffers asked for individual sessions with Dariella to go over the specifics of their individual issues and questions, and many employees have changed the eating habits for the better thanks to information from Dariella.

Dariella’s information and meetings don’t expect perfection in eating habits, and do not revolve around making people feel guilty or ashamed of what they eat. Instead, she focuses on motivating and encouraging people to gradually make better food choices and try new things, while still keeping meal and snack planning and preparation simple.

The firm also started a “healthy snack” program as a result of meeting with Dariella, and we now bring in healthy snacks weekly (including fruit, Greek yogurt, cheese, hummus and other “Dariella recommended” food items). As one staff member said, “she took all the fear out of trying to change to a healthier diet. I thought I would be told to eat only broccoli or brown rice but she offers so many alternatives that I can make this work for myself and my family”.

We continue to ask Dariella to come back for “tune-ups” and to provide information for any employee who wants it. We recommend her to any individual or company who is looking for real and useable information on how to improve their diet."

Metzger Law Group - Long Beach, CA

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